Social Media Marketing

Social media strategy helps in communicating your values and products/services to your audiences.
Our strategists will help you to position your brand in a way that will help you to reconnect with your audiences in the best possible way through different social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and TikTok.

ROI stands for “return on investment.” ROI depends on your company’s objectives which can be brand awareness, revenue, customer satisfaction, etc.) But generally speaking, social media ROI is the sum of all social media actions that create value for your brand.

One of the worst mistakes is inconsistency – only posting sporadically, and not responding when consumers reach out to engage.

Another biggie is using social media as a place to announce your own content and nothing more, without ever engaging in discussions or adding comments to the post that make your audience want to click or like or share.

Don’t act like a brand, act like a human.

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Well, it depends on what your brand is all about. If you’re a B2C business in the retail, fashion, or FMCG industry – Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest are the result generating platform for you respectively.

While as if you’re a SaaS company or a professional services company like Architect, Financial Services, or Real Estate Services – LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook will do wonders for your business.

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Website Design and Development

Think of your website as your Virtual Store or Office, now when you plan to open your physical store or office – How much time and detailing you need to put it, a lot, right?

Similarly, website design commands patience. It depends on the kind of detailing you to want on the website (we don’t do copy paste, do not approach us if you’re expecting that). Generally, we take a time frame of 4-8 weeks for most of our projects.

We are a one-stop-shop destination for all your web service related demands. 

We will recommend and manage the hosting and domain purchase for your dream website.

Well, for that you have to get your website listed on the search engine through Google My Business and Webmaster Tools.

For that listing, you just have to drop a mail at hello@social101.in or you can visit our office. We are happy to serve you.

Website pricing varies on the basis of industry, line of business, and objectives.

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