When it comes to marketing for an educational brand, recognizability isn’t just the only important factor. It is about building a connection with the prospective students, maintaining the reputation and to get them excited about applying. There are a few effective marketing tips that everyone in the education sector should be leveraging in order to boost enrollments and stand out from the competition.


A video can speak a thousand words. Today, engagement stats for video content only continue to grow. Visual content is proved to be way more effective than pictures or blog posts. People are more likely to watch a 2-3 minutes short video than reading an entire blog.

Moreover, with such advancement in tools, it has become less complicated to put effort into video marketing. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, etc offer live video features which makes it easier than ever to communicate with the prospective applicants. Molding marketing strategies from time to time has also become more accessible and feasible.

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Consumers don’t always trust the brand directly, rather they trust people and their opinions and reviews. So, it is a great idea to use current or past students’ testimonials as a means of capturing the trust of new prospective applicants.

There is so much content floating around among prospective, current as well as past students. By personalizing it, you can make it relevant and tailor it in a way that your content stands out among the competition and becomes something worth consuming and sharing. You can create personalized campaigns based on events or also engage in re-sharing your students’ posts that they captured on campus.

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An educational institute goes so much beyond its logo and brand name. The marketing efforts put in educational institutions must be true to its origin. Ensuring to keep the authenticity of your institute in mind and building an emotional connection is of utmost importance.

It makes sure that all your communications are going in one direction and communicating the same values that it stands for. Marketing should be a true reflection of an institution’s identity and one which existing staff and students can unite behind.

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Social media is a great tool to communicate with your target audience. It can be used to provide helpful information about your program, campus, and more. You can also use it to answer queries that come from a prospective applicant, host live Q&As, contests, etc.

Consider using influencer marketing. It is basically a form of word-of-mouth but to a much larger audience all at once. It is very effective as it is a third party opinion that comes from someone people look up to. You can use influencers to share your content or they can create for your audience.

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While you send out emails to prospective applicants on your email list, sending out generic emails to everyone won’t help. You need to focus on individual interests and segment your email list so you can send more personalized emails. Statistics show the emails with names of receivers are opened more.

When you personalize it, it gives a feeling that you know their interests and can very well cater towards the same which in turn builds their confidence for your institute.

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These tips mentioned here are not often spoken about but play a crucial role in building a strong foundation online. Taking these into consideration while carrying out Digital Marketing activities will surely ensure growth for your institute.


Ever since the pandemic hit the world, there has been a major impact on the economy worldwide. While grocery stores have been left with empty shelves while restaurants are like ghost towns.

In such a scenario, your first instinct would probably be to cut on costs where possible, but your marketing budget should not be one to immediately be put on hold. The smartest companies in the landscape right now will be taking the lemons of uncertainty, panic, and global disruption and turning them into lemonade.

People will be online now and shopping a lot more than they normally would. So here are some tips for what you should consider doing at the moment, which will not only help you generate income in the short term, but also make your business more resilient in the long term.

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Balancing present campaigns and always-on activities

In this time of the pandemic, you should have two types of activities happening on your Social Media. One, very specific to the cause, and the other one thinking about the long term; an ongoing activity that continues to retain a brand’s presence in the minds of people.

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Review your STP

Although this one might not necessarily relate to Digital Marketing, Digital Media plays a major role in segmentation, targeting, and positioning for a brand. This might be a good time to evaluate these 3 core elements of marketing.

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Improve your digital value

A website needs to communicate the core brand offering and brand personality. It should give a great opportunity to add value to the customers and so develop a preference towards their brand and support purchase intent. This may also include using a new tone of voice to communicate with your customers digitally.

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Create or extend your online ad campaigns

If you already have an ongoing campaign, review and analyze it. Check google analytics to understand which campaigns are running well and would still be relevant and which ones should be called off. If possible, also create new ones.

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Create video content

There is nothing more interactive and communicative as video content. Period. Videos are a very effective way to develop brand awareness and to make people discover your products. Statistics say that video content is proven to work better than picture content.

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Pay per click advertisement

At this time, most of the people are at home in front of their screens, possibly looking anything relevant that comes in front of their eyes. So this is a great time to use PPC to your business’s advantage since it is also one of the most cost-effective ways.

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SEO and online reviews

Use local SEO strategies to increase your chances of appearing in “near me” and thus increasing chances of people turning up to you first. Another great way is to get positive reviews on google for your brand. Google reviews are proven to shape the customer’s decisions to opt for your brand since they are most open and flexible.

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Businesses must use some of these steps and strategies to cope up with the ongoing economical difficulties to make sure their brand survives and even stands out. These digital marketing tips will surely help you with the flow of revenue. Head over to our BLOG to see how Social Media can be used as a growth catalyst post-Covid. Have a great day!