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Why should your offline business sit in the social media boat?

Social media presence can fetch cha-ching for your offline businesses. Read on to the most obvious yet less known reasons of why you should up your social media game even when not selling online.

The power of social media holds true in all realms. You aren’t with the pace if you let go of social media, thinking that your business is offline and your online presence won’t make a difference. You are rowing a different boat then.

When you are selling offline, a B2B company can find customers and negotiate with a client on LinkedIn more than on Facebook. But, a B2C company has a significant presence on Facebook and Instagram. It’s all about expanding your business with the help of social media.

Here are the deadly-if-ignored benefits of social media promotion to offline businesses:

Social Media Sells Your Business

What would you do if you have to check out something you don’t have much knowledge about? We Google it! Generally, if a business is not traced in any manner on the online medium, it will be subjected to the suspicion of whether the business is really legit or not which can make your customer flock somewhere else. 

But a good social media handle, with quality information and attractive graphics, lure the customers. About 3 out of 4 customers will make a visit to your offline store if you provide useful online information and have impressive social media handles.

Being There For Your Customers – ALWAYS

In a conventional set up of an offline business, the shutter closes and your customer can’t be with you until the next morning. But, if you are having a social media presence, they can contact you there, ask opening and closing times, ask queries about products, availability, etc.

This proves as great impetus to your business because you are there when the customer needs you. Faster responsiveness means happy and satisfied clients and easy operations for you!

Decline In Your Operational Costs

Every business online or offline needs to communicate with its customers. Without social media, what would an offline clothing store do to announce a sale? Maybe send out pamphlets, hire promoters and distribute leaflets, put up multiple hoardings and banners, and the like. None of these gives you any surety that your message was received and understood. 

Social media can do all of this at a much lower cost along with insights into your customers! Who would not want that?

Leverage your brick and mortar with social media.

Offline businesses are slowly moving on to sell online as well but even the ones which do not want that can still benefit highly from social media. 

In a traditional business set up, it’s not possible for your new clients to ask or interrogate the past/existing client about their shopping experience with you. But, with social media, your customers have an option to actively leave reviews and feedback. 

And if what you are doing is actually good, time to stock up more! because your past clients will act as active promoters to new clients by telling them how happy they are by doing business with you and how good are your products. More than 70% of youth do quick research on a store before making a purchase, so go where your customers are!

There are multiple ways to ensure that your business’ online presence is highlighted in the eyes of your customers and there are many free tools available for that. That’s right, they are free. 

Why should your business be on social media Social 101

Check out Hubspot, HootSuite, Canva, and Biteable to ensure your place in the best room in this social media boat is becoming a big cruise.

What do you think about businesses which still avoid

going online at all? 

What else can be the hidden benefit for going social?

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