Brand Launch and Integrated Marketing for Kearo – An innerwear fashion brand

Kearo is a D2C brand that sells trendy underwear for men and women. The brand was looking to launch their business and create a buzz on social media. They wanted to increase their following and engagement, as well as drive sales through their ecommerce store and social media marketing.

Challenge: How do we develop a Digital Dominance?

Kearo approached us with a clear idea of what they wanted, but needed help with execution. They were unsure of how to create a strong brand identity and how to reach their target market while maximizing their sales performance through social media marketing and ecommerce.

Solution: An Integrated marketing solutions

We worked closely with Kearo to develop a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. We conducted extensive market research and planning to create a unique brand identity and positioning. We also helped ideate the product mix and pricing strategy to ensure the brand was competitive in the market.

We started with a beta mode on Instagram. We then scaled the brand’s social media followers through a mix of organic and influencer content. We worked with relevant influencers in the fashion and lifestyle industry to promote Kearo’s products and create a buzz on social media.

In addition to social media, we also produced high-quality content for Kearo’s ecommerce store, website, and social media campaigns. We developed multiple mood boards for the model and product shoot for the brand, completing the entire production process in just one day to optimize client spend. The content produced was used across various digital channels, driving engagement and sales for six months.

To enhance Kearo’s ecommerce store, we designed and developed a vibrant and playful website that reflected the brand’s identity. We added two special UX functionalities, ‘Match a Pair’ and ‘Build a Pack,’ that helped customers find the right product for their needs. The store resulted in a low cart abandonment rate and bounce rate, leading to increased sales and revenue.


  • Increased social media following by 7,000 in just 6 months
  • Achieved a social media engagement rate of 13%
  • Produced content for 6 months of digital campaigns, saving client time and resources
  • Achieved a low cart abandonment rate and bounce rate on the ecommerce store
  • Helped KEARO create a strong brand identity and positioning in the market
  • Achieved a ROAS of 3x


At our digital marketing agency, we take pride in helping businesses like Kearo launch and scale their brand. By providing comprehensive digital marketing services, we were able to create a strong brand identity, reach Kearo’s target market, and drive engagement and sales.

The Dos and Don’ts of Running a Successful PPC Campaign: Tips from Digital Marketing Experts in Surat

Are you seeking for strategies to improve website traffic and brand recognition? In order to ensure the success of your campaigns, it’s crucial to adhere to a few best practices while using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. In this blog post, the best advertising agency in Surat’s digital marketing experts will offer advice on the dos and don’ts of managing a successful PPC campaign.


Define Your Goals:

Decide what you want to accomplish before beginning a PPC campaign. Do you want to boost website traffic, lead generation, or sales? Your campaign objectives will determine your strategy.

Research Your Audience: 

Running a successful PPC campaign depends on knowing your target audience. To write targeted ad copy that appeals to your audience, research their demographics, interests, and pain areas.

Use Relevant Keywords:

Researching keywords is crucial for PPC ads. Find relevant keywords that your target audience is looking for using tools like Google Ads. For greater ad relevance, use these keywords into your ad copy and landing pages.

Optimize Landing Pages:

You should optimise your landing pages for sales. Make sure that the call-to-action (CTA) on your landing pages is crystal clear and related to your ad copy.

Monitor and Analyze Results: 

PPC campaigns need continuous observation and evaluation. Track the effectiveness of your campaign using tools like Google Analytics, then make the required changes to get better results.


Overuse Broad Match Keywords:

Broad match keywords may lead to wasteful ad spend and irrelevant clicks. For more focused results, try phrase match or exact match keywords.

Ignore Negative Keywords:

You can reduce ad spending and clicks by using negative keywords. Negative keywords should be researched and used into your campaign approach.

Ignore Ad Copy Relevance:

Your ad copy should be appropriate to both the landing sites you are sending traffic to and the keywords you are targeting. Make sure the copy in your advertisements is precise and addresses your target market.

Use a Single Ad Group:

You can target various keywords and audiences more successfully by making several ad groups. Don’t rely just on one ad group to help you reach your campaign objectives.

Set and Forget:

PPC campaigns need constant adjusting and optimising. Don’t create your campaigns and then ignore them. Monitor and evaluate your advertisements frequently to boost your outcomes. In conclusion, conducting thorough keyword research, understanding your audience, and continuing optimisation are necessary for operating a successful PPC campaign.

To establish successful PPC ads that generate results for your company, adhere by these dos and don’ts. Searching for a Surat digital marketing agency? For support with your PPC campaigns for Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Ads, get in touch with the Best Social Media Marketing Company Surat, Social Media Promotion Agency, Best Web Development Companies in Surat, and Best SEO Service Provider Agency.

Digital Marketing Strategy for Ecommerce Businesses

Digital marketing has become a crucial tool for companies to use to reach their target customers in today’s fast-paced environment. A strong digital marketing plan is essential for ecommerce firms to attract traffic, boost conversions, and expand their operations. In this blog post, we’ll look at the essential components of a successful digital marketing plan for e-commerce companies.

Develop a Strong Website:

Any e-commerce business must start with a reliable website. It should be easy to use, visually beautiful, and search engine optimised. Your website will be improved for conversion and user experience if you work with the top Surat web development company.

Invest in SEO:

Each successful digital marketing plan must include SEO. It raises the position of your website in search engine results, increasing traffic and lead generation. You may create a SEO plan that is specific to your company and target market by working with the finest SEO service provider organisation.

Use Paid Advertising:

Paid advertising on websites and apps like Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads may be a very successful strategy for boosting traffic and revenue. You can develop focused and successful ad campaigns by working with a Facebook advertising agency in Surat or an Instagram advertising firm.

Leverage Social Media:

E-commerce companies can connect with their customers and develop their brands via social media. You may develop a solid social media plan that uses social media to engage with your audience by producing interesting content, running social media ads, and working with the top social media marketing firm in Surat.

Create Compelling Content:

For your audience to be engaged and for conversions to occur, your content must be compelling. You can promote your products and establish a connection with your audience by using blog entries, product descriptions, videos, and other content. By collaborating with digital marketing professionals, you can develop engaging content that appeals to your target audience.

In conclusion, an effective digital marketing strategy is crucial for e-commerce companies to thrive in the competitive environment of today. You can construct a great digital marketing plan that generates traffic, boosts conversions, and expands your business by identifying your target market, building a solid website, investing in SEO, employing paid advertising, utilising social media, and producing interesting content. You can reach your objectives and keep one step ahead of the competition by collaborating with the top Surat advertising agency and digital marketing specialists.

The Importance of User Experience (UX) Design in Digital Marketing:

User experience (UX) design is a crucial component of digital marketing in the digital age. A website or app with a bad user experience can turn away potential customers and harm the reputation of your brand. This is why UX design is given top priority by Surat digital marketing organisations like our company. We’ll talk about the value of UX design and how it may help your digital marketing efforts in this blog article.

Why is UX Design Important?

Enhances Brand Reputation: A website or app with an intuitive and user-friendly design reflects positively on your brand. This is crucial in today’s highly competitive digital landscape.

Improves Customer Engagement:

Your website or app will be more engaging for users if UX design makes it simple to navigate and use. More engagement rates, more time spent on your website or app, and ultimately more conversions can result from this.

Boosts Conversions:

Customers may find it simpler to identify what they’re searching for and carry out the needed activity, such as making a purchase or completing a contact form, with the help of a well-designed website or app. Your digital marketing efforts may benefit from a higher conversion rate and a better ROI as a result.

Helps with SEO:

The search engine positioning of your website can be significantly impacted by UX design. While evaluating website rankings, Google takes into account elements including page speed, mobile responsiveness, and user engagement. Poor user experience can affect search engine rankings, making it more difficult for potential customers to locate your website or app.

How can we as a digital marketing helps you with UX Design?

Our business has a group of UX designers and digital marketing specialists who collaborate to develop user-friendly websites and apps for our customers. Website design, social media marketing, Google AdWords, and SEO are just a few of the things we offer as a full-service digital marketing company in Surat. For a better user experience, our team adheres to best guidelines for UX design, which include utilising a concise language, developing an easy navigation structure, and increasing page speed. Since mobile devices account for more than half of all internet traffic, we also make sure that our clients’ websites and apps are responsive to mobile devices. We employ analytics and user feedback to continuously develop the websites and apps of our clients, ensuring that they achieve their business objectives and deliver the best user experience.


In today’s digital era, UX design is crucial for the success of your digital marketing efforts. The best social media advertising company can help you create ads that engage your target audience, while the best SEO company in Surat can optimize your website to ensure that it appears at the top of search engine rankings. Additionally, a marketing agency in Surat like ours can assist you in developing a user-friendly website or app that improves the perception of your business, engages users, and increases conversions. Prioritizing UX design can boost your website’s search engine position and ensure that potential customers have a positive experience while interacting with your business online. Get in touch with our team today to learn more about our comprehensive range of UX design, website development, and SEO services for digital marketing in Surat.

Reels 101 – A Complete Guide on How to Use Reels to Grow Your Business on Instagram

If you run a business or work in marketing, you are aware of the value of social media marketing in the current digital environment. Instagram, a platform that has grown significantly in popularity in recent years, has Reels as one of its most well-liked features. We’ll provide you a thorough explanation of how to use Reels to expand your business on Instagram in this blog post. Let’s first define what Reels are. Reels are brief, amusing, and educational videos that can last up to 60 seconds. These are a fun and interesting approach to communicate with your audience because they can be made utilising music, filters, and effects. Here’s how you can use Reels in your company.

 Use trending hashtags:

Using popular hashtags is one approach to expose your Work to a larger audience. When others search for the hashtags you use, your Reels appear in the search results.

Share educational content:

To communicate instructive content with your audience, use reels. You can produce brief videos that instruct your audience about your sector or provide them with advice about your goods or services. You might make a reel on topics like “how to find the best social media marketing agency in Surat,” “how to establish an efficient Google AdWords campaign,” “how to use Instagram ads agency to develop your brand,” etc.

Use eye-catching visuals

Reels are a visual medium, therefore it’s crucial to employ attention-grabbing graphics to draw viewers in. Create a visually attractive Reel by utilising filters, effects, and animations. Use phrases like “best web development company in Surat,” “best SEO service provider agency,” and “best SEO company in Surat” as well to demonstrate your expertise in the area and your capacity to provide engaging material for your target audience.

Use call-to-actions (CTAs):

Make sure your Reels contain a call to action. Promote your website, newsletter, and social media accounts to your target audience. Promote your brand on social media by using phrases like “Social Media Promotion Agency” in your content.

Promote your Reels:

On your website, other accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, promote your Reels. To promote each other’s Reels, you might work together with other Instagram users in your sector.

Reels are a strong tool for expanding your business on Instagram, to sum up. You may produce interesting and useful material that appeals to your audience. Make use of these suggestions to produce reels that can assist you in reaching your marketing objectives and expanding your company.

How to Build a Strong Personal Brand on LinkedIn

The largest professional network in the world, LinkedIn, is a great place to start developing your personal brand. You may position yourself as a thought leader, expand your network, and progress your career by building a strong personal brand. We’ll provide you a detailed explanation of how to create a compelling personal brand on LinkedIn in this blog post.

Optimize Your Profile

Optimizing your profile is the first step in creating a strong personal brand on LinkedIn. To help your profile appear in search results, include keywords like “Digital Marketing Professionals,” “Top marketing agency in Surat,” and “Facebook ads agency in Surat” in your title, summary, and work experience sections. Include a picture from your professional profile as well as a relevant description that highlights your qualifications and achievements.

Share Valuable Content:

A fantastic strategy to get recognised as a thought leader in your field is to share insightful articles. To get the correct audience to your content, use keywords like “top SEO service provider agency,” “Social Media Promotion Agency,” and “Instagram advertisements agency.” You can contribute content relating to your sector, such as blogs, videos, or infographics, as well as your own opinions and views.

Engage with Your Network:

Building a powerful personal brand on LinkedIn requires interaction with your network. Use keywords like “best website development company in Surat” and “best social media marketing company Surat” in your likes, comments, and shares to interact with others in your field. To position yourself as an authority in your profession, join LinkedIn groups related to your field and take part in discussions.

Build Your Network:

On LinkedIn, developing a strong network is crucial for developing a strong personal brand. To get in touch with people in your field, use phrases like “top Web Development Company in Surat,” “Google Ads,” and “Instagram advertisements agency.” Make contact with people you respect or who share your interests and talents. Also, take part in industry-related events and webinars to build your network and meet new people.

Showcase Your Expertise:

There are several options available on LinkedIn for showcasing your knowledge. To highlight your work in the “Projects” section of your profile, use keywords like “best advertising agency,” “digital marketing experts,” and “top SEO company in Surat.” Also, you can share your views and highlight your expertise by posting articles on LinkedIn’s publishing platform. Finally, in order to develop a strong personal brand on LinkedIn, you must optimise your profile, share relevant material, interact with your network, expand your network, and highlight your skills. Build a strong personal brand with the help of the keywords provided above to become recognised as an authority in your field and advance your career.

Building a Successful Content Marketing Campaign: Tips from Digital Marketing Experts in Surat


Content marketing is now an essential part of any effective digital marketing plan in the online era. Building brand awareness, increasing website traffic, and generating leads all depend on producing high-quality content that appeals to your target audience. We’ll give advice from Surat-based digital marketing professionals in this piece on how to create an effective content marketing strategy.

1. Define your target audience:

You must understand your target audience in order to produce content that appeals to them. This includes learning about who they are, what matters to them, and where they spend their online time. You may identify your target audience and modify your content to suit their requirements and preferences by carrying out market research and developing buyer personas.

2. Develop a content strategy:

Following the identification of your target market, you must create a content strategy that supports both your marketing and business objectives. The types of material you’ll produce, the subjects you’ll cover, and the distribution channels you’ll employ should all be part of your content strategy.

3. Create high-quality content:

You must provide high-quality content that is educational, entertaining, and relevant to your target audience’s interests if you want to keep them interested and increase brand awareness. In keeping with your content strategy, this can also include blog entries, infographics, videos, podcasts, and other content types.

4. Promote your content:

Just half the battle is won by creating excellent content. You must advertise your content through a variety of channels, such as social media, email marketing, influencer marketing, and other digital marketing strategies, in order to reach your target audience.

5. Measure and optimize your content:

You must evaluate the effectiveness of your content and make data-driven decisions to improve your approach if you want your content marketing campaign to be a success. To find areas for improvement, this can involve tracking website traffic, engagement analytics, and lead generating indicators.


To develop a successful content marketing campaign, you’ll need a systematic strategy and a thorough understanding of your target audience. Surat’s digital marketing professionals, particularly the best social media marketing agency in Surat, can provide you with valuable advice on producing high-quality content that attracts your audience, increases website traffic, and generates leads. In addition, the best website development company in Surat can help you create a visually appealing and user-friendly website to complement your content marketing efforts. It’s also important to improve your website’s search engine ranking by partnering with the best SEO agency in Surat, as it will help potential clients find your business online. By using content marketing to promote your brand and achieve your marketing objectives, both small and large businesses can greatly benefit.

7 Social Media Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Businesses

Any contemporary marketing strategy must now include social media marketing, and real estate companies are not an exception.

Social media platforms offer a fantastic opportunity to connect with potential customers and increase the visibility of your business because of their wide audience reach and high potential for engagement.

We’ll go over seven social media marketing strategies for real estate businesses in this piece that can increase clientele and lead generation.

1. Showcase Your Properties:

Visually showcasing your properties on social media is one of the most efficient strategies. To promote your homes and highlight their best characteristics, use high-quality photos and videos. You can enhance engagement and raise brand exposure by posting visual material on websites like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

2. Highlight Testimonials and Reviews:

It’s crucial to display customer testimonials and reviews on social media since social proof is a potent weapon in the real estate sector. Promote positive customer feedback on your social media platforms by sharing reviews and ratings. This may aid in gaining the credibility and trust of potential clients.

3. Provide Expert Advice:

By offering professional advice on your social media platforms, you may establish yourself as an authority in the real estate sector. Share your knowledge and advice on buying, renting, and selling real estate, as well as providing responses to frequently asked questions. As a result, your brand will become more reputable and help to foster trust.

4. Offer Virtual Tours:

You may now offer virtual tours of your homes thanks to the development of virtual reality and 360-degree video. This may pique their curiosity in paying a physical visit and aid them in getting a sense of the place. Take use of the ability to upload 360-degree movies and virtual tours on websites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

Providing virtual tours of your properties is now possible thanks to the development of virtual reality and 360-degree video technologies. This can raise interest in a physical visit by giving potential customers a sense of the place. Use the 360-degree video and virtual tour upload capabilities offered by websites and apps like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram.

5. Host Contests and Giveaways:

One entertaining method to interact with your audience and raise brand knowledge is by holding contests and giveaways. To entice consumers to share your posts and tag their friends in them, you can provide a reward, such as a gift card or a cost-free consultation. This could broaden your audience and help you reach more people.

A fun approach to interact with your audience and raise brand awareness is by holding contests and giveaways. To entice users to share your posts and tag their friends, you might give a prize, such as a gift card or a complimentary consultation. This will enable you to reach a larger audience.

6. Leverage Local Hashtags:

To enhance your visibility and connect with nearby potential customers, use local hashtags. Use hashtags like #SuratRealEstate, #SuratHomes, or #SuratProperties, for instance, if your Surat-based real estate company wants to reach users in your neighbourhood. This could improve participation and produce more leads.

To boost your visibility and connect with local prospects, use hashtags that are specific to the location. Use hashtags like #SuratRealEstate, #SuratHomes, or #SuratProperties to reach consumers in your area, for instance, if you run a real estate company in Surat. This may help to boost interest and produce more leads.

7. Partner with Social Media Companies in India:

You may streamline your social media marketing efforts and reach a larger audience by working with an Indian social media business. Search for businesses that have experience in your field or that specialise in real estate marketing. This might assist you in keeping a step ahead of the competition and effectively achieving your professional objectives.

Your social media marketing efforts can be streamlined and distributed to a larger audience by working with an Indian social media business. Seek out businesses with expertise in your field or in real estate marketing. You can do this to keep one step ahead of the competition and work more effectively towards your business objectives.

In conclusion, hiring the best marketing agency in Surat can offer real estate companies a great chance to engage with potential clients, enhance brand recognition, and create leads through social media marketing. The right advertising agency in Surat can help you stay one step ahead of the competition and expand your business by using effective social media marketing strategies. To attract potential clients in your area, it’s essential to focus on high-quality visual content, offer knowledgeable guidance, and use local hashtags. Consider collaborating with the best social media agency in Surat, particularly Indian social media firms, to stay ahead of the competition and make the most of your social media marketing efforts.

Social media marketing ideas (or strategies) for B2B businesses 

According to a report by LinkedIn, 84% of B2B buyers use social media in their decision-making process. They use social media channels to engage with their peers, promote their businesses, spread awareness about their businesses, and stay informed about their industry. 

As B2B businesses are blooming on social media, let us glance through the social marketing ideas that work best for them.

Posts and Videos on Company History, Milestones/Achievements

Company history plays an important role in branding a B2B company online as it gives life to the business by narrating the story of how the business started, its vision, mission, etc. This helps potential clients know what you do and why you do it.

Posts and videos about milestones achieved by your brand also increase your chances of getting new clients as they increase the trust of clients in your business.

Case Studies

Case studies allow people to learn more about how your business helps solve client problems. A B2B case study tells a detailed story that can help you build credibility in your business.

Blog Posts

To leverage SEO scores and website visibility, blog posts are effective for B2B businesses. They also help increase social media engagement when you share them on different platforms.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos help introduce your product, its working, uses, benefits and so on as well as explain the topic of your post. As the majority of the audiences on the Internet prefer a quick and easy explanation about a product, explainer videos can be used to convey information effectively.

Corporate Images

An image with information related to your business, a new product launch, or a company event is the best way to convey business updates and make audiences aware of the happenings in your company.


Infographics make it easier for clients to understand complex concepts in an engaging way. It displays important data, statistics, flowcharts, etc. about the brand.

Clients Testimonials

One of the simplest ways to attract new clients is to post existing client testimonials on your blog or website and share them on social media platforms.When audiences read about the experiences of others with your product or service, they engage with the brand easily.

Interactive Content

Interactive content such as asking questions, polls, quizzes, videos, and more can be extremely valuable for lead generation. When people interact with your content, you’ll drive engagement regarding your brand on social media, which can further become a lead for your business.

Employee Spotlight

This type of content gives a glimpse of how employees feel working for your company. It can attract potential employees as well as clients for your business. 

A Social Media Promotion Agency will assist your company in making the most of social media. 
Social 101 is the best digital marketing agency in Surat and a leading web development company in Surat that provides the best social media marketing services with measurable results and satisfied customers. 
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How to create a social media calendar?

A social media calendar is an overview of your upcoming social media posts, organized by date, time and important notes. It is used by social marketers to plan posts, manage campaigns, and review ongoing strategies.

It usually includes some combination of these elements for each post:

-The date and time it will go live
-The social platform and account on which it is to be published
-Copy and creative assets (i.e., photos or videos) required
-Links and tags
For great social media marketing, a dynamic social media calendar is a must, which lays at the core of it. Let us help you with insightful tips on how to create a social media calendar in this blog.

Choosing post types and formats

Gone are the days when just a static post was enough to garner a good reach, but in the current times its recommended to include a mix of content (images, videos, gifs, articles, reposts) and formats (carousel posts, reels, polls, stories, live videos).

After finalising the post format, one should focus on the types of posts to be included in the social media calendar for the month. This may include holidays, events, product launches, sales, news/updates, Q&A, roundups, etc.

Establish your posting frequency

Once you know what to post, the next step is to consider when to post.

While drafting a social media posting schedule, keep in mind your business goals, available resources, and audience engagement patterns.

Choosing the right platforms 

Prioritize your publishing aspects, such as whether you will post on a single or multiple social networks, your target audience, and your budget. Indulge in a thorough research about post timings, competitor marketing, and the presence and engagement of your target audience on varied platforms. You may start with the most popular platforms (Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn) and gradually increase the visibility on other platforms.


Using social media management tools 

You have an array of tools available online for social media management and calendar creation to ease your planning and sharing with your team. These can aid you in handling content planning: keep an eye on what’s being worked on, who is working on it, and when it’s due to go live. This avoids last-minute hassles and gaps in your content. Errors like posting the same thing twice, accidentally publishing an unfinished post, or a disgruntled employee posting on the company’s behalf are also removed when maintaining a social media calendar via tools.

Schedule, track and monitor your posts

Scheduling posts ahead of time not only gives you peace of mind but also gives your team enough time to fact-check the information.

Once the post is live, you may track the performance of your posts and classify the ones that are getting the most engagement and driving results. You may use these findings to implement tests on different platforms and experiment with what resonates with your audience. This will help you build a social media calendar with more accuracy that is sure to hit the target audience and generate leads.

Looking for a Social Media Marketing Company in Surat?
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