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Social media marketing ideas (or strategies) for B2B businesses 

According to a report by LinkedIn, 84% of B2B buyers use social media in their decision-making process. They use social media channels to engage with their peers, promote their businesses, spread awareness about their businesses, and stay informed about their industry. 

As B2B businesses are blooming on social media, let us glance through the social marketing ideas that work best for them.

Posts and Videos on Company History, Milestones/Achievements

Company history plays an important role in branding a B2B company online as it gives life to the business by narrating the story of how the business started, its vision, mission, etc. This helps potential clients know what you do and why you do it.

Posts and videos about milestones achieved by your brand also increase your chances of getting new clients as they increase the trust of clients in your business.

Case Studies

Case studies allow people to learn more about how your business helps solve client problems. A B2B case study tells a detailed story that can help you build credibility in your business.

Blog Posts

To leverage SEO scores and website visibility, blog posts are effective for B2B businesses. They also help increase social media engagement when you share them on different platforms.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos help introduce your product, its working, uses, benefits and so on as well as explain the topic of your post. As the majority of the audiences on the Internet prefer a quick and easy explanation about a product, explainer videos can be used to convey information effectively.

Corporate Images

An image with information related to your business, a new product launch, or a company event is the best way to convey business updates and make audiences aware of the happenings in your company.


Infographics make it easier for clients to understand complex concepts in an engaging way. It displays important data, statistics, flowcharts, etc. about the brand.

Clients Testimonials

One of the simplest ways to attract new clients is to post existing client testimonials on your blog or website and share them on social media platforms.When audiences read about the experiences of others with your product or service, they engage with the brand easily.

Interactive Content

Interactive content such as asking questions, polls, quizzes, videos, and more can be extremely valuable for lead generation. When people interact with your content, you’ll drive engagement regarding your brand on social media, which can further become a lead for your business.

Employee Spotlight

This type of content gives a glimpse of how employees feel working for your company. It can attract potential employees as well as clients for your business. 

A Social Media Promotion Agency will assist your company in making the most of social media. 
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