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Social Media Marketing For Fashion Business During COVID

The global pandemic has taken a toll on the economies and every business inside it. To top it off, as the virus continues to spread, there are a lot of government restrictions imposed on trade which is becoming an even greater hardship for brands.

While some of the biggest brands are either bankrupt or have stopped operations, there are some that see demand or opportunity, depending on the industry. Most badly hit industries are tours and travels, fashion retail, airlines, automobile, etc while pharmaceuticals are at a boom.

Girls wearing mask - Social101

Well, if you own a fashion brand, we’d assume that you are facing your own share of misfortune, given the government restrictions on China and it being the biggest manufacturer of fashion.

But the way we, as brands, look at different scenarios can be two-fold. Meaning, you can sure cope up (if not benefit) with this situation while also showing your customers that you care about them and build a loyal community.

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Showing you care; empathy!

One of the basic rules of marketing says, “Customer is the king”, and our brands must ensure that we are there for them in these tough times, empathize with them and also show them the same. Share inspirational music and podcasts to make them feel positive.

Customer is the king - Social101

Get in on the challenges; a fun way to keep them engaged with the brand.

The virus sure has put a pause on the world, but don’t let them come between you and your customers. Find a way to keep them engaged. Get your hands on the trending challenges, do those pillow and blanket dress challenges, create a bingo board for the brand, and get your customers to fill them.

Fashion dress challenge - Social101

Altering the existing products and campaigns; more COVID specific.

Well, marketing is very dynamic. Every campaign that you build is either based on an event, occasion, or product line. Think of ways to mold these existing ones and create something new. Replace those body-fit work dresses with comfy loungewear. It’s a great way to give a zestful touch to your brand.

Showing the process; building trust.

To make your brand stand out in a relatively difficult time like this, you can take time to capture photos and videos of what goes behind the product and how is their product made from scratch, show a sustainable aspect of your brand if you have one. This is sure to improve trust and reliability for your brand.

Making of a dress - Social101

Boosting their morale; dance, music contests & live.

There isn’t anything more fun than dance and music. Host dance challenges, create a brand anthem for your customers and give them something to hum on during this quarantine. Also, try to get famous artists on board and do live with them.

Collaborate with influencers; increase reach.

Influencers play such a major role in shaping the ideologies of people. A brand must utilize this time to increase their visibility and capture a new audience, instead of just building on an existing audience. Think of ways to showcase your brand’s creativity through different influencers. Head over to our blog to understand how influencer marketing is more effective than traditional marketing.

Statistics showing the impact of Influencer Marketing - Social101

Communicate beyond your brand and products; ask questions, INTERACT!

One of the best ways to keep things going smooth is to simply COMMUNICATE. This communication goes beyond your brand and your product. Ask questions about your customers, get to know where your customers are from, simply ask them how they have been coping up with this, understand your customers’ likes and preferences. This is literally the best time that you can get to know them, you might as well use it to it’s fullest.

STOP and use your Social Media for adding community value; educate.

Alright, this last one is really important but not a lot of people might talk about it. Brands should not just be about themselves but also about the community. Don’t show your obsession with your brand, but rather add value to the community.

Educate them on precautions to stay safe during these times, tell them how they can cope up with this stress, sprout a stable and greater mental health.

Stay home - Social101
Wash your hands - Social101

Marketing is a dynamic field; one that has to adapt skilfully to every new event shaping our world. As we find ourselves in the midst of a situation that is pretty much as extraordinary as imagination may go, the nuances that go into marketing a brand will have to alter promptly in order to survive and strive. And social media is the current fad for carrying out marketing activities. Head over to our other blog to see how social media can be used as a growth catalyst. Have a great day!

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